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Not What You Think

Good design is like good art - everyone takes it for granted.

Design is very personal and good design doesn't happen overnight.

It takes hours upon hours of brainwork, research, and know-how to design something that delivers what is needed.

Wall Clock

Time Management

How to Develop a System

Prioritize and Systematize

Students will learn how to prioritize their artwork with other classes and extracurricular activities.

Why Learn This?

It is important for students to learn how to self-advocate, self-regulate, and learn why they procrastinate and how to overcome the struggle of getting their work finished on time and with quality.

Heading 3

Logo Designer at Work

Students will learn about the key aspects of a strong logo and the steps to creating a logo design.


Students brainstorm ideas for an industry then create a logo based on industry standards/


They will learn how the psychology of shape, color, and fonts are integral to the success of branding.

Logo Design

Adobe Illustrator

Logo Design

Adobe Illustrator

Creative Arrangment

Organizing Principles

How to Create Compositions

Students will learn the artist INTENTIONALLY uses the elements and principles of art to create the artwork. 

It is the student artist job to lead the viewer into and around a composition and intentionally create a focal point, create mood, and give directional cues that will help the viewer navigate the artwork.

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Chuck Close

Creating with Color

This project covers the American painter Chuck Close. He suffers from prosopagnosia (face blindness) and by painting massive-scale portraits of himself and his friends he is better able to recognize and remember faces.


To create the paintings, he works from a gridded photograph and a gridded canvas. Then he slowly builds the portraits with layers of color per square. Our version will be using Prismacolor Colored Pencils.