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What is AP Drawing?

Advanced concepts in drawing, painting and beyond designed to allow the experienced art student to investigate specific areas of art in depth.


Students are expected to
perform at an advanced skill level while taking initiative to develop their own commitments to content and personal

Digital Portfolio

60 percent-01.png


  • Submit 15 digital images that include works of art and process documentation.

  • Typed responses to prompts, providing information about the questions that guided their investigation and how they

    • practiced

    • experimented

    • revised

40 percent-01.png


Submit 5 high-quality works.


Works may come from the Sustained Investigation section, but they do not have to.

100 percent-01.png


Demonstrate skillful use of

  1. mark-making

  2. line

  3. surface

  4. space

  5. light and shade

  6. composition


While focusing on in-depth, inquiry-based art and design making with

  1. Skillful synthesis of materials

  2. Skillful synthesis of processes

  3. Skillful synthesis of ideas

  4. Skillful synthesis of articulating information about their work.

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