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May 18, 2021

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Digital Submission Process

Breaking it down


  • The web application requires you to upload 15 Sustained Investigation images and images of 5 Selected Works.



  • You can have 10 finished pieces to upload, and the remaining 5 images can be pictures of you in the process of creating your Sustained Investigation.


  • For AP 2-D Art and Design and AP Drawing, to proceed in the web application you’ll still need to check the boxes that say you’ll mail your physical work, including printed written evidence.


  • This is only a technical requirement.


  • You won’t mail a physical portfolio.


  1. After you submit your portfolio, you should sign back into the web application to check your portfolio status before the submission deadline.

  2. Although it’s rare, if your AP teacher sends your portfolio back to you for any reason, you’ll need to resubmit it before the deadline.

  3. Your portfolio must be in the following status at the time of the May 20, 11:59 p.m. ET deadline to be scored:


Forwarded to AP.

Digital Portfolio Steps

Step by Step


  1. The DIGITAL PORTFOLIO is due 


May 18

Noon TO ME.

The AP website says May 20 by noon.

  1. 5/18 at noon is the time I am assigning to you.

  2. I need to ensure everything is PERFECT before I forward your portfolio to the Coordinator.

  3. IF there are any issues, this gives both of us time to fix issues before the deadline.


I must review your portfolio on a constant basis to make sure you are on the right track.

To review your portfolio you need to upload all of your completed artwork an to the AP Website.


  1. Sign-in to AP Central with your username and password from the first week of school.

  2. Next, go to AP Digital Submission.

  3. You will create a 2ND login if you haven't already done this.

  4. Follow instructions.

  5. Teacher Key: zqx7329

  6. School Code: 260-655

  7. Portfolio Type: AP Drawing


  1. You will be taking pictures with your cell phones or scan them.

  2. As soon as you finish a piece, upload each to the AP website then forward your portfolio to me.

  3. We can send the portfolio back and forth as many times as we need to.

  4. You do not need to have everything uploaded for me to review. I can review it as you finish the artwork and/or writing.

  5. I will be posting on another page how to do this at home with the lights you have.

  6. Upload 15 of your concentration pieces.


The rubric is a guide to help you prepare yourself for the writing portion.


  1. Not all photos have to be uploaded to forward to the teacher.

  2. Under Actions Forward your portfolio to the teacher.

  3. I will review your portfolio by sending you an email with any changes etc...

  4. Next, for your AP portfolio, I will Recommend Further Action by Student. 

  5. You will make changes and then forward it back to me.

  6. We will do this as many times as needed.


This process is the same for the Written Evidence Section.

Writing Process Section

Documenting Artwork

How to take pictures with good lighting