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Common questions

with detailed explanations.

We recommend for undergraduate freshman applicants to begin working with us early in their high school junior year.


It allows us to build a strategic plan that includes in-depth discussions about your


  1. interests

  2. abilities

  3. objectives

  4. time to develop the artwork necessary


You will be given information and resources during our meetings that will help you sort through the maze of options and choose the right art and design path for you.


Scheduling classes your freshman year of high school puts you in control and removes stress later in the college application process.


The following factors should be addressed while emphasizing your devotion to your artwork for college admissions

  1. challenging projects

  2. observational drawings

  3. mark making

  4. illusion of depth (technical excellence)

Your junior year of high school we will review your unofficial transcript

  • ensuring graduation requirements are covered

  • review portfolio

  • make plans

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