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A body of work is not fast food art.

If you are looking for fast food art, then you are not creating a body of work that will sustain itself and hold the viewers interest.

Breaking it down.

How you need to think about it.


A  sustained investigation is like a professional artist's body of work.

  1. That work demonstrates an overall signature style. It is instantly recognizable to most people who appreciate art.

  2. We know who the artist is when we see an Andy Warhol print, or an Ansel Adams photograph. They developed and perfected over a period of many years.


If you were asked right now by AP to see your artworks, could you show them a selection of 15 pieces of your art in a style, medium and subject matter that was consistent?


  1. What you are doing by having a body of work is demonstrating mastery and expertise in that personal style, subject matter or media to a viewer of your artworks.

  2. AP Graders, Gallery owners, and art collectors want to see mastery rather than versatility.

  3. By having a consistent body of work, you are drawing attention to your art in this manner rather than by showing your versatility in many styles of art.


Style is determined by the characteristics that describe the artwork, such as the way you manipulate

  • form

  • color

  • line

  • space

  • shape

  • texture

  • composition


Another important factor is to examine the way you handle the medium, taking into account the method or technique that you use.


Finally, the most important aspect of art styles is the philosophy or driving force behind the artwork.

All of these stylistic elements are defined by the choices you make as you compose your artwork.

Lets begin.

Everything you need to know.


Using the psychology of art helps you get your message across in a more meaningful and impactful way for the viewer.


Once you have a distinctive, recognizable ‘style’ of art it is imperative for each of your pieces to be consistent with each other.


Choose a theme that you will not be bored after a few pieces.

Choose a theme that when you think about that theme, you automatically have more than 4 ideas about. 


Using the psychology of art helps you get your message across in a more meaningful and impactful way for the viewer.


What message do you want the viewer to receive?

How do you want to make them feel?

What is the focus?


Develop your ideas in Photoshop so you are able to see your idea visually first.

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