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It is important for the Arts Council to give a clear understanding to candidates of what their duties and responsibilities for a particular position would be.

"We never fail when we try to do our duty, we always fail when we neglect to do it."

- Robert Baden - Powell

The job description is carefully crafted to help you create goals, set boundaries, provide transparent expectations, and justification behind candidate selection.


The goal of the Representative is to assist the Co-Head initiatives by integrating the arts and creativity into all areas of study, research, and formation. Representatives pursue this calling through three main channels


Assisting the Co-Heads to increase the prominence of the arts at MICDS, both on and off-campus. This is achieved through

  • social media

  • online and email marketing

  • print marketing

  • meetings with administrators

  • community-based arts events


Fostering both the artistic growth of MICDS artists and their personal development.


Representatives' main focus is to enhance your field of art by enhancing and maintaining the artist’s entire self.


This is achieved by the Representative being a role model through our Arts Awards, initiating and launching masterclasses with professional artists and developing initiatives that are personal to the Representative.


Improving opportunities for MICDS artists.

  • Arts opportunities on and off-campus include career initiatives that include College Visits for the Arts, networking events with industry specialists and alumni, and arts space advocacy and planning. 

  • Co-Heads and Representatives meet each month to discuss the state of the arts, current Arts Council projects, and issues facing students and faculty in the arts at MICDS.

  • These meetings foster collaboration among the arts departments and inspire new projects.

  • The Arts Council US Teachers aka Arts Council Guild, meet twice a semester to discuss current programs and present ideas.

  • The Arts Council Guild includes interested faculty or staff from around MICDS.

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