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Committed to...

solving real-world problems and enhancing the user experience

Venice eLearning Relaxing


My role as a designer is about solving large, complex, problems using methods like


  • UX research

  • design thinking

  • systems thinking

  • metaphorical thinking

  • empathy

  • prototyping

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Behavior management and the culture of the classroom are the core components to learning. 


However; building engaging content has a different tone than in person learning.

You can try to predict the behavior of a student who either is required to take or wishes to take an eLearning course, or you research what users are currently doing and what they need.


Then design the space and problems facing the end-user by using assessment methods to see what works and what does not.


Rinse and repeat.


To stay up to date with current learning trends I currently do the following

  • participate in user testing

  • collaboration with other designers and developers

  • attend professional development conferences

  • experiment with technology new and old

  • community engagement

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